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Creative Director & Owner

Simran Kaur


I began this blog as a small personal project, but I ended up collaborating with one or two friends to create The Tube Group. As owner and creative director of What’s on the Tube, I am responsible for managing what makes up the content for this site, and helping with writing where I can as that’s where my passion lies – writing.

Content Creator

Hayley Kingston


Hey there! I’m Hayley and I’m the main content creator behind What’s on the Tube. I met Sim at university as we both studied the same course. I wanted to create a blog of my own for some time but didn’t feel I had anything interesting to say… I didn’t want to just write general waffle, I wanted to create purposeful content that could help people. Sim then told me about her ideas and I was fully on board. The rest is history…

Research & Communications Executive

Vanessa Franks


Hiya! My name is Vanessa, or Nessa, and I’m the Communications Executive of the group. I also do my fair share of content writing when I have the chance, but my main focus is managing the communication lines and ensuring everything runs smoothly within our little family. I also manage any external research where we need to contact any sources or find a story. Got a question? Get in Touch with us!

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We are always interesting in new ideas for content, so if you have any ideas please throw them out way.

We love hearing from you, so please do get in touch if you have any questions too!